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FINNISHED: Expat confesses to operating drug trafficking ring from Spain’s Marbella in shock u-turn for Finland’s biggest ever narcotics...

A MARBELLA-based Finnish expat has confessed to a string of drug-related charges in his home country.  Niko Ranta-aho took the surprising step to plead guilty...

IN PICS: Luxury lifestyle of Marbella expat couple accused of cocaine trafficking and money laundering as court orders €4...

Niko Ranta-aho was arrested in Helsinki last week alongside his bikini-bodybuilding girlfriend Sofia Belorfia

Expat Marbella restaurant owner and bikini-model girlfriend arrested on money laundering and drug charges as Costa del Sol home...

The pair, who reportedly met in London before 'falling in love in Ibiza', are being held in prison in Helsinki

Spanish cops bust HUGE international sex trafficking ring in Malaga

POLICIA Nacional have busted an international sex trafficking ring operating out of Malaga and Benidorm.  Some 25 people were arrested yesterday, including a woman in...

Researchers say drinking wine everyday IS good for you

Drinking wine at dinner gives a ‘more positive’ outlook on life

Spain tops the UK in World Press Freedom list

The UK has dropped four places due to the government's national security legislation

EXCLUSIVE: Grandmother faces homelessness after long legal battle with Estepona Town Hall

Terttu Balson, 70, is facing eviction from her home after being ordered to pay a fine of €23,400 over an illegal loft conversion

Art lovers in for a treat on Costa del Sol

Two new art exhibitions are set to hit the coast next month

40,000 Costa del Sol properties to be sold to Nordic buyers

Hands shake on a new deal at a conference in Stockholm

Dead Moroccan dumped on Marbella roadside

The 15-year-old had suffered gunshot wounds to the face and is thought to have been thrown from a moving vehicle


February was Andalusia’s deadliest month since start of coronavirus pandemic

END of month data reveals that February recorded the highest number of Covid-19 deaths in Andalusia since the start of the coronavirus...