Friday, February 26, 2021
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COVID-19: British expats in Spain flying to UK will have to quarantine for 14 days under new coronavirus rules

The strict travel measure is reportedly part of a larger ‘road map’ for Britain’s coronavirus deescalation

Giles Brown is more Christopher Biggins than Christopher Reeve as he learns to fly in southern Spain

While I didn’t soar like Superman, I didn’t bounce off the bottom of the wind tunnel in a crumpled heap

STRIKE: 300 Madrid airport workers walk out until New Year after company refuses them warm clothes for winter

STRIKING: Eulen staff walk out on company over claims they are not protected against cold AROUND 300 Madrid...

Pre-flight pints at UK airports could be banned by British government

BRITS love a pre-flight pint or gin and tonic before jetting off on their jollies. But this tradition could soon be a thing of the...

Malaga tipped to be a Christmas hit among Spanish travellers

As the great Christmas getaway gears up for another year, Malaga airport is braced for a bumper festive influx.

Granada gran’s Caribbean pit stop

Granny finds herself en route to Caribbean island of Grenada rather than desired Spanish city Granada

Rent in Barcelona, work in London

Commuting from Barcelona is cheaper than living in London

New rights for EU flight passengers

No more extortionate fees to change boarding passes, as new regulations are set to improve flying conditions around Europe

Raising your spirits

Wendy Williams goes up and away on an exciting ride ABOVE the Costa del Sol, almost like Santa delivering presents

Fear of flying?

Paul Whitelock tries to find cheap flights in and out of Spain from the low-cost airlines. And he discovers some of the pros and cons of using them


Spain’s Emeritus King Juan Carlos coughs up another massive chunk of his tax bill

Spain’s former King Juan Carlos, who quit the country last August with financial scandals hanging over him, has paid a €4.4 million...