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Estepona boiler room has ruined our lives!

Boiler room victims in Almeria face financial ruin and the loss of their home. By Tom Powell.

Terry Wright’s great escape from Spain

EXCLUSIVE: Who says crime doesn’t pay as blacklisted financial advisor Terry Wright ups sticks and buys €2 million mansion in France

The real sharks of the Costa del Sol

Following FSA warnings that thousands of expats in Spain are on the so-called ‘suckers list’, Helen Pierpoint investigates what makes a psychopath or conman

We’ve lost millions, claim investors

Offshore Investment Brokers is the subject of a number of complaints from disgruntled investors

You wouldn’t sell it to your mother! The problem of rogue IFAs in Spain

As the EU investigates ways of helping expat victims report unregistered financial advisors, James Bryce swims with the financial sharks to look at the problem of rogue IFAs operating in Spain

Santander bank under fire again

The Spanish bank came third in a UK poll for worst customer service

Costa del Sol cons and scams

James Bryce looks at the huge proliferation of cons and scams at work on the Costa del Sol this summer

Blacklisted & benefitting

After reporting that a blacklisted financial advisor is running a call centre from the Costa del Sol, the Olive Press looks further into the shady operations of Terence Wright, his aliases, and the wider issue of ‘boiler room’ scams. James Bryce investigates...

Expat financial advisor in Spain blacklisted in the UK

Terence Wright operates call centre in Alhaurin