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Sewage plant could be back on track after Gibraltar government restarts bidding process

GIBRALTAR has been forced to restart the bidding process for the much delayed sewage plant after the company it was dealing with last time...

Top global scientists descend on Gibraltar to study bird migration between Africa and Europe

SCIENTISTS from across the world plan to study bird migration between Europe and Africa via Gibraltar at an annual conference held on the Rock. The...

Gibraltar tries to avert pollution as storm threatens to further break up beached ship

THE Gibraltar Port Authority and salvers are bracing for a weekend storm that could further break up the stranded OS 35 bulk carrier and...

BREAKING: Authorities declare Major Incident after beached ship breaks up off Gibraltar

THE Gibraltar Government has declared the break-up of the OS 35 off Catalan Bay a Major Incident to direct all major resources to fight...

Gibraltar 2,000 litre oil spill to have ‘severe effects’ on marine life

ABOUT two thousand litres of oil could have gone into the sea during Friday’s oil spill, the Gibraltar Government has revealed.

Shell gets historic go-ahead to refuel ships with LNG from Gibraltar

CARGO ships and tankers that use Liquid Natural Gas as their main fuel will now be able to get topped up on the Rock.

Fees for Gibraltar students in Wales to stay the same after Brexit

MINISTER John Cortes has been busy representing Gibraltar on the international scene while sat in his office on virtual meetings.

National trails added to expand Gibraltar tourism offering

Walkers in Gibraltar and visitors from the Costa del Sol will now be able to enjoy a number of trails all over the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.

COVID-19 caused by nature disdain, says Gibraltar Government

The COVID-19 pandemic is a reminder we need to care for nature like we care for ourselves, said the Gibraltar Government on World Environment Day.

REVEALED: Why raw sewage was polluting luxury marina in Gibraltar

Gibraltar Government sources confirmed that works to fortify the main sewer forced rotten sewage to spill into the luxury marina through storm drains.

Electric cars at an ‘early stage’ as minister reveals 98% use of fossil fuels

One percent of all vehicles are powered to some extent by electricity, in figures released in Parliament recently,

Old public areas get new lease of life in Gibraltar town centre

The John Mackintosh Hall is now more sustainably equipped with Governor’s Parade next to get a major facelift after a long time in the shadows.

REVEALED: Portuguese Man ‘O’ War can still sting even after being beached

After deadly sea creatures that have the potential to kill dogs or children were spotted lying on beaches in Gibraltar, an marine expert speaks up.

‘Lets Ditch Plastic!’- Primary school asks Gibraltar supermarkets to cut down on plastic to stop pollution

St Joseph's Primary School have today asked Gibraltar’s three main supermarkets to cut down using plastic as part of the ClimACT school project.

Mysterious seagull killer being investigated by Gibraltar environment department

THE death of some yellow-legged gulls could lead to a criminal investigation by the RGP after they were found to be poisoned.

Radical change is needed to save the human race, according to the founder of Extinction Rebellion in Gibraltar

A new Extinction Rebellion group is starting up on the Rock to fight climate change on local and regional issues related to the environment.





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