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New storm Sunday threatens further oil spills from stricken bulk carrier shipwreck off Gibraltar coast

THE shipwreck off Gibraltar’s coast is bracing itself for a new storm on Sunday that could further break it up and cause more oil...

OIL SPILL: Workers lay down protective boom around OS 35 shipwreck as storm passes

GIBRALTAR’S Port Authority has returned the oil barriers around the OS 35 as seas calmed down enough after last week’s Levante storm. Captain of the...

DISASTER: More oil spills onto Gibraltar beaches after shipwreck breaks up further in latest storm

AUTHORITIES are urging people stay away from Gibraltar’s Eastside beaches after violent storms broke up the OS 35 shipwreck further, tragically blackening local beaches. Captain...

New Gibraltar National Park will help promote Upper Rock on international scale

ABOUT half of Gibraltar’s land area has become its own National Park under a law passed by the government in parliament. Minister for the Environment...

Wreck removers take out over half of cargo from beached OS 35 after hull continues to break up

WRECKAGE removers have taken out over half of the cargo of steel inside the stricken bulk carrier beached 700 metres from Gibraltar’s coastline. By the...

Housing pressure group takes Gibraltar government minister on tour of ‘appalling’ homes of the poor

A HOUSING group in Gibraltar has pressed the government for more rented homes after showing the responsible minister the ‘appalling conditions’ of some local...

Electric taxi that mines crypto as it rides looks to start up in Gibraltar by 2024

A FUTURISTIC electric taxi service that uses ultra-modern vehicles designed in Israel could be up and running in Gibraltar by 2024, its promoter said. ETIOCA...

Authorities agree to move ahead with electric vehicle charging points across Gibraltar to fight climate change

PLANS to roll out charging points for electric vehicles across Gibraltar are going ahead after a government-wide meeting to push towards carbon neutrality. Deputy Chief...

Teenagers collect 80 kilos of rubbish from Gibraltar’s secret beach beside the runway

VOLUNTEERS from the Nautilus Project collected 80kg of rubbish during a clean-up of the fenced-off beach on the eastern end of Gibraltar’s runway recently. The...

Gibraltar speakers to take part in climate change conference at Sunborn Hotel in March

LEADING environmentalists from Gibraltar will be speaking in a conference and wine gala dinner at the Rock’s own Sunborn floating hotel on March 16. The...

UK nature conservation experts tour Gibraltar sites and give workshop on biodiversity

NATURE and environmental experts from the UK have visited Gibraltar to meet local scientists and find out how to best preserve its biodiversity. The UK’s...

New phone app gives Gibraltar’s mini Alameda Gardens zoo a new lease of life

IT might not be able to get the parrot to do the talking, but a new app could revolutionise the way visitors experience Gibraltar’s...

CO2 emissions from cars and planes in Gibraltar dropped by more than half during 2020, report shows

CO2 EMISSIONS from road and air transport in Gibraltar during 2020, the first pandemic year, was less than half that of 2019, a government...

Shipwreck remover Koole takes over operation to break up remains of beached OS 35 on Gibraltar shores

WRECK removal contractor Koole is taking over from caretakers Resolve in looking after the bulk carrier shipwreck 700 metres from the Gibraltar coastline. Captain of...

Atomic yacht could make Gibraltar into global leader in the fight against climate change

A PIONEERING Gibraltarian is planning to build an atomic superyacht that will use the Rock as a base to help save the world from...

Sewage plant could be back on track after Gibraltar government restarts bidding process

GIBRALTAR has been forced to restart the bidding process for the much delayed sewage plant after the company it was dealing with last time...

Top global scientists descend on Gibraltar to study bird migration between Africa and Europe

SCIENTISTS from across the world plan to study bird migration between Europe and Africa via Gibraltar at an annual conference held on the Rock. The...

Gibraltar tries to avert pollution as storm threatens to further break up beached ship

THE Gibraltar Port Authority and salvers are bracing for a weekend storm that could further break up the stranded OS 35 bulk carrier and...

BREAKING: Authorities declare Major Incident after beached ship breaks up off Gibraltar

THE Gibraltar Government has declared the break-up of the OS 35 off Catalan Bay a Major Incident to direct all major resources to fight...

Gibraltar 2,000 litre oil spill to have ‘severe effects’ on marine life

ABOUT two thousand litres of oil could have gone into the sea during Friday’s oil spill, the Gibraltar Government has revealed.

Shell gets historic go-ahead to refuel ships with LNG from Gibraltar

CARGO ships and tankers that use Liquid Natural Gas as their main fuel will now be able to get topped up on the Rock.

Fees for Gibraltar students in Wales to stay the same after Brexit

MINISTER John Cortes has been busy representing Gibraltar on the international scene while sat in his office on virtual meetings.

National trails added to expand Gibraltar tourism offering

Walkers in Gibraltar and visitors from the Costa del Sol will now be able to enjoy a number of trails all over the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.

COVID-19 caused by nature disdain, says Gibraltar Government

The COVID-19 pandemic is a reminder we need to care for nature like we care for ourselves, said the Gibraltar Government on World Environment Day.

REVEALED: Why raw sewage was polluting luxury marina in Gibraltar

Gibraltar Government sources confirmed that works to fortify the main sewer forced rotten sewage to spill into the luxury marina through storm drains.

Electric cars at an ‘early stage’ as minister reveals 98% use of fossil fuels

One percent of all vehicles are powered to some extent by electricity, in figures released in Parliament recently,




Giant German Hell’s Angel boss accused of running operations in Mallorca acquitted on all charged

AN infamous German Hell’s Angels boss has been acquitted on all charges of organised crime and drug trafficking between 2009 and 2013 after his...


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