ABOUT half of Gibraltar’s land area has become its own National Park under a law passed by the government in parliament.

Minister for the Environment and Heritage John Cortes has attended meetings with the different agencies to arrange the change, the government said this week.

The National Park now includes the whole Nature Reserve, Gorham’s Cave, fortifications, Botanic Gardens, National Museum and Garrison Library.

The government passed the Gibraltar National Park Bill by a majority on March 16.

The government now hopes to apply for membership of international organisations of national parks.

Authorities believe this will promote Gibraltar’s unique heritage and nature on an international scale.

The meeting this week allowed the different agencies that make up the park to come forward with their own views on how to make this a reality.

“All entities agreed that the National Park will add value to their individual activities and promotion,” the Gibraltar government said.

“They will immediately make reference to the National Park in their own corporate identity material, websites, etc.,” it added.

The Gibraltar National Park will soon have its own website to promote it further.

Its Coordination Board will take into account the natural effects of any possible changes to the park layout it may suggest to the minister.

It will have its own constitution and present annual reports.


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