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HALLOWEEN HORROR: Arrest made after human head found in bin in Spain’s Andalucia

A SPANISH man has been arrested after a severed human head was discovered in a bin in Huelva, western Andalucia. Residents called police after the...

World first as Spanish scientists create human-monkey hybrids in China so they can ‘grow organs’

In Greek mythology, chimeras are often depicted as a fire-breathing creature composed of a lion, goat and snake

Spanish cave art reveals humans used stars to tell time 40,000 years ago

Humans measured time by watching how stars change position in the night sky, using them to mark events such as comet attacks

We’re only human… just

OUR bodies are covered in microscopic creatures, including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Not surprisingly the vast majority of this microscopic life resides in our...

Cave paintings and jewelry deemed too old to be made by Homo Sapiens

CAVE art and jewelry found in Spain is too old to have been made by modern humans. Animals, hand stencils and shell jewelry were made by...

PICTURE SPECIAL: Catalan adrenaline junkies compete to build highest human towers

Thousands of 'builders' and spectators flocked to the traditional festival this weekend

Stamping out the ‘Class A drugs post’ peril

Injected into silicone breasts and surgically implanted into defenceless puppies – the Class A Drugs ‘delivery service’ is becoming increasingly deadly as traffickers seek horrific new ways to smuggle contraband into Europe, using Spain as their back door. But it’s a ‘smug’s game’, reports Tom Powell

Hunt for Cervantes turns up four sets of bones

The bones will now been analysed in a new phase in the investigation




PARTY TIME: Revellers take to streets in Spain’s Madrid and Barcelona as COVID-19 restrictions end

AS COVID restrictions in Spain came to an end, exhilarated people partied - seemingly thinking that social distancing and masks are no longer necessary...