A SPANISH man has been arrested after a severed human head was discovered in a bin in Huelva, western Andalucia.

Residents called police after the man showed the head to a number of passers-by, including children, before throwing it into a recycling container at around 3pm on Sunday. 

Witnesses initially mistook the man’s actions as a Halloween prank after the man was seen walking with a plastic bag with the head poking out of the top.

However curiosity soon turned to horror as residents discovered the head was real, and immediately alerted the police.

The area was cordoned off and an investigation began, interviewing eyewitnesses on the movements of the suspect.

Investigations eventually led police to an apartment close by, where the headless body of a man was discovered in the living room of a fourth floor residence.

A man, believed to be in his 50s, said to be a good friend of the victim, was arrested and is currently being investigated.

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