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HALLOWEEN HORROR: Arrest made after human head found in bin in Spain’s Andalucia

A SPANISH man has been arrested after a severed human head was discovered in a bin in Huelva, western Andalucia. Residents called police after the...

Which are the most iconic party costumes for the Hallowe’en siren this year?

THE HIGHLIGHT of ‘spooky season’ is tonight in the UK and Brits all over Spain will be celebrating. As we know, ghouls just want to...

Spanish and UK moviegoers both consider same film to be the most scary

THIS WEEKEND sees the American tradition of Hallowe’en taking over TV schedules and social media content. Despite social-distancing guidelines, many family groups will still be...

Halloween gang of over 100 gun-wielding masked youths stopped by Police in Spain’s Malaga

Over 100 youths gathered in the city’s Teatinos district intending to run rampage, up-tipping cars.

EU and UK agree Brexit extension up to October 31

EU leaders settled on a new flexible Halloween deadline meaning Britain could have to participate in the May European elections

DON’T GET SPOOKED: Five gruesome mysteries remain unsolved in Spain this Halloween

Suicide, UFOs, disappearance, murder, mutilation - these unsolved mysteries are guaranteed to get Halloween off with a scream!

HALLOWEEN: Spain is Europe’s leading pumpkin producer with 115,000 tonnes a year

Pumpkin sales spike around Halloween, where they are used for carving, a practice first thought to have been done by the Maori 700 years ago

Book a flight for only €10 in Ryanair’s Halloween flash sale

But hurry, the offer ends at midnight tonight

SUPERSTITIOUS MINDS: Collection of Spain’s strangest superstitions

To keep evil spirits at bay this Halloween, take note of these 10 Spanish superstitions.

The definitive list of Spain’s ghosts and ghoulies originate in Andalucia

Many of the hairiest horror stories originate right here in Andalucia, such as the haunted house of Cortijo Jurado, also known as La Casa Encantada, in Campanillas.

Addams family spring to mind in Halloween themed meals at award-winning restaurant

As Halloween approaches, a particular family comes to Steven Saunders’ mind as they dig into a hearty meal at The Little Geranium, Marbella.

Goodbye Mr Fawkes: How pumpkins are taking over from guys …

Everything’s been ‘Halloweenised’ and Guy Fawkes is pumpkin pie

Spanish teenagers arrested for disturbing Halloween animal torture video

The group were also planning to snatch a random girl on Halloween and torture her

Halloween in Jerez de la Frontera

You’ll be sure to have a fantastically frightening night wherever you end up

Halloween in Spain: Trick or tradition?

Halloween in Spain is one part religious fervour to two parts riotous fun!

Scarily good expansion!

With Halloween around the corner, the fancy dress area at Aimeejay’s has been extended

Halloween horrors and agave agro

Columnist Giles Brown on how to deal with trick or treaters and his infamous big plant

Hola Halloween!

The Spanish have turned the American celebration into a phantasmagorical feast of family fun in ways only the ‘fiesta nation’ knows how

Party continues in Marbella at the Beach House

The Beach House is open no matter the season and has a varied series of events on its calendar

Things that go bump in the night: Spanish ghosts and ghouls

With Halloween just around the corner, Gemma Wilson checks under the bed for some of Spain’s most spine-tingling myths and legends

The joy of pumpkins in Spain

As Halloween approaches, Olive Press reporter Dana Ferguson gets the inside scoop on the autumn fruit

Mad Dog versus The Occult

Forget witchcraft and baby-eating: there's a new breed of Spanish Satanists - and they're dying to share a drink with you! Craig Scott travels to Cordoba to spend a night in 'Hell'

Why the witches like to fly high

With Halloween looming, Asha Stuttard discovers why Spanish witches rubbed a hallucinogenic mould from rye bread onto their broomsticks




Crooks break into empty Costa Blanca houses and rent them out at premium prices in Spain

SEVEN men have been arrested for operating a property rental scam in the Alicante area of the Costa Blanca. The gang broke into empty houses...


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