THE HIGHLIGHT of ‘spooky season’ is tonight in the UK and Brits all over Spain will be celebrating.

Morticia Addams

As we know, ghouls just want to have fun, so whether you’re channelling a dark vampy queen or stylish and sleek witch, online retailer PrettyLittleThing has rounded up some of the most iconic characters for the ultimate Halloween outfit inspiration. 

First up is the queen of matriarchal power, Morticia Addams from The Addams Family with an easy-to-recreate look of long sleek hair, classic red lips and dark eyes.

Add, of course, the hourglass silhouette in her black dress, and this iconic character not only slays for stylish points, but also takes the crown for arguably the most feminist icon.

Carrie White

Turn the gore factor up with this next spooky look and dress up as Carrie White from Carrie (1976), the sweet all-American girl who didn’t realise her powers until it was too late.

Her cute satin babydoll dress is a modern look that many women will have in their wardrobes, but it’s up to the individual whether a cute Carrie or drowned-in-blood Carrie attends the socially-distanced party.

Putting the hot into psychotic is Harley Quinn from the DC Universe, embracing her chaotic mash-up of the prison jumpsuit.

Harley Quinn

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