Saturday, December 5, 2020
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RESIGNED: Manilva’s first British councillor leaves party urging Spain to ‘respect’ foreign voters

MANILVA’s sole British councillor has left his party, saying that Spain needs to pay more respect to the ‘foreign vote’.

Campaign launched to save Axarquia’s olive groves

A campaign to save the olive trees has been launched by the Izquierda Unida political party

Spain’s PM to face ‘crimes against humanity’ suit over EU-Turkey deal

The 'one in one out' deal has been slammed by rights groups and opposition parties

La Herradura to break away from Almunecar?

All parties at Almunecar Town Hall agreed on the creation of an independent commission

Marbella’s four-party pact edges closer to ousting PP

The four left-wing parties have been negotiating since results were announced

Antonio Maillo promises bike paths for all towns with 20,000 people if IU win

IU Candidate promises bike paths for all towns with 20,000 people

IU boss ‘tremendous disappointed’ after ERE report rejected by Junta

Ignacio Garcia and his committee spent five months drawing up the 200-page document

We should AVE it first

Marbella and Ronda square up over who should get the AVE high-speed train link first

‘Protected’ building demolished

Ronda mayor used employment funds to demolish 'protected' building

Furious Spanish politician blasts “disgraceful case”

Llamazares rejects US apology after ‘Bin Laden poster’ debacle