Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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How a Toledo synagogue became a symbol of anti-Semitism in Spain

As anti-Semitism continues to top Britain’s political agenda, the Olive Press visits a curious monument symbolic of this age-old conflict in Spain

Festival held in an attempt to revive Balearic Jewish community

THE very first festival of Jewish learning has been held as an attempt to grow the island’s small but resurgent community. Organised by Limud -...

UPDATE: Jewish singer Matisyahu agrees to perform at Spanish festival

After being invited, banned, and re-invited, Matisyahu will perform as scheduled

A rap for peace… Matisyahu scandal divides opinion

Matisyahu insists that his songs focus on peace and unity

Festival de la Luna Mora kicks off in Mijas

Two weekends of festivities celebrate Spain’s cultural history

Gibraltarian furious at being unable to buy copy of ‘Charlie Ebdon’

He insists the Rock has banned the magazine

Zara apologises for anti-Semitic clothing line

Fashion retailer Zara has apologised after releasing a child's outfit which resembled a holocaust uniform

Sephardic Jews to be granted Spanish citizenship

Israelis will be able to enjoy benefits of EU citizenship as a result of proposed legislation

Descendants of Sephardic Jews gain automatic citizenship in Spain

Sephardic Jews - whose ancestors were kicked out of Spain in 1492 - are to be given automatic citizenship

Hitler ‘theft’ probe in Spain

Heirs to lost Goya and Rubens paintings beg Prado Museum to help them out

Columbus was a Catalan Jew

Explorer's final fascinating discovery