Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Spanish ranked as most valuable language to learn for English speakers worldwide

SPANISH has been ranked as the most valuable language to learn for English speakers worldwide, according to a new study.

In a new monthly column on the trials of learning Spanish, Charlie Smith makes a lasting impression on his...

By the time Spanish hit the school, I had already scraped a C in GCSE French and vowed never to learn a language again

Deal with Difficult Learning with Cheap Dissertations Online

An ability to receive cheap dissertations online helps to cope with various writing assignments. Read more to know more.

Mind your Slanguage!

Belinda Beckett, aka Mistress of Sizzle, breaks down the ‘slanguage’ barrier in part two of her series on Spanish semantics

The purgatory of language limbo

A little Spanish can be a dangerous thing, warns Belinda Beckett, ‘Mistress of Sizzle’, in the first of a two-parter

Viva Roma!

Jack Gaioni unearths the best and brightest ‘Spanish sons’ who made it big in ancient Rome, setting the literary and intellectual agenda for many centuries to follow

Spanish the most important language for Brits to learn

Languages of the future ranks languages by importance

Not your typical Spanish course

Pueblo Español breaks the integration mould with ultra immersion

New app offers UK children’s programmes in Spanish

BBC providing free app for pre-school children

Keeping Andalucia’s history alive

At Algaba you can find out what Andalucia was like 5,000 years ago, discovers Eloise Horsfield