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Frost and drought causing widespread shortages in Spanish vegetable crops

FROSTS across Spain are causing widespread shortages of vegetables with suppliers scrambling to find alternatives to avoid a repeat of last year's crisis. The January...

‘We are seeing what we already feared’: Farmers in southern Spain facing ruin after increasingly hot and dry seasons

FARMERS in southern Spain fear they may lose their position as the top exporters in Europe after successive hot and dry seasons. It comes after...

Ode to autumn: 10 reasons to love the season of mists, mellow fruitfulness and effortless parking

With the summer season over, some may be upset others may rejoice. Here are the reasons why Spain is the gift that keeps on giving.

Iceberg lettuce sees price drop in Spain after recent weather conditions

Recent overproduction due to increased farmland and recent weather conditions means some companies are selling boxes of the popular salad ingredient for €2 less.

Spain’s growers lash out at ‘totally false’ British coverage of vegetable crisis

"If they don't have lettuces it's because they don't want to buy them"


Flight risk: Over half of Brits are already planning their next trip abroad – but remain cautious about the...

THE pandemic has caused British holidaymakers to become more wary, new research has revealed.  Following the impact of the...