Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Expat campaign group SOHA launches plea to save thousands of homes from demolition

Belgian mayor of Alcaucin Mario Blancke has presented a case to amend the law, on behalf of Save our homes Axarquia

Mario Blancke’s reaction on becoming Mayor of Alcaucin

The new Belgian Mayor of Alcaucin, Mario Jean Baptiste Blancke gives the low down on feeling Spanish and his route into local politics

Belgian expat becomes mayor of Alcaucin

Mario Blancke has been living in the province for 25 years

Desperate homeowners in Axarquia march on Madrid

‘Illegal’ property owners take plea to central government


Royal recycler: Queen of Spain steps out in same Massimo Dutti for a THIRD time

SHE’s known for her love of recycling her wardrobe and this week the Queen of Spain proved her commitment by stepping out...