Sunday, December 10, 2023
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The only certainty after Brexit… is uncertainty

It may only be three months since the UK voted for Brexit, but it is now time to focus on the future, writes Smart Currency Exchange Business Development Manager Mark Rickard

Smart Currency celebrates two years on the Costa del Sol

A glass was raised to the hard-working team

Being ‘Spanglish’ in the lead up to the EU referendum

Us regular Olive Press readers will not willingly leave sunny Andalucia, whatever the outcome on 23rd June

Who’s taking Brexit bets?

Mark Rickard of Smart Currency Exchange talks Brexit and currency with a knowledgeable ‘chap at the bar’

Brexit, house prices and reasons not to worry

Brits will always want a place in the sun but keep an eye on exchange rates, writes Smart Currency Exchange expert Mark Rickard

Beyond compare: the micro-economies of the Spanish Costas

Mark Rickard returns to examine the micro-economies of the Spanish Costas

Happy shopper

Finance expert Mark Rickard returns to the Olive Press delighted thanks to a great deal on wine

Inflation… where?

It's like trying to find a needle in haystack, writes Mark Rickard

It’s all going on in the UK

OP's columnist Mark Rickard says it's been a busy week for Britain, but nothing can ruffle the pound

Keep an ‘aye’ on the pound

Mark Rickard discusses the influence of the Scottish referendum

Big thumbs up from Germany

By columnist Mark Rickard

Summer days drifting away

Finance expert Mark Rickard of HiFX on the thorn in the Bank of England's side

Boost for Euro over Sterling after IMF comments

Columnist Mark Rickard breaks down the current status of foreign exchange

A Sterling summer

Columnist and financial expert Mark Rickard of HiFX, on summer changes and the ever-struggling euro

Not ‘poles’ apart

Europe was in line with the UK when this weekend much of it voted against the EU
px Euro coins and banknotes

Pound bounces back: Great time to move money

Exchange Rate Alert - Sterling/Euro currently trading at levels not seen for 16 months

A weaker euro…to boost the Spanish economy!

Olive Press columnist Mark Rickard, of HiFX, on the upsides of a weaker euro

Sterling on the rise again

Columnist Mark Rickard says the outlook is good for the UK economy




Tensions run high in Spain’s North African city of Melilla, after calls circulate for boycott of Jewish businesses

TENSIONS are reportedly running high in one of Spain’s North African exclave cities, Melilla, after calls for a boycott of Jewish businesses there began...


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