Friday, February 26, 2021
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COVID-19: Touching Gibraltar’s monkeys to be made an offence amid fears they could die from coronavirus

TOUCHING Gibraltar’s famous monkeys will be made an offence, the Government has announced. The move is a response to...

EU vice president labels Gibraltarians ‘monkeys’ and praises Spain’s illegal warship ‘invasion’ of British waters

The Brussels MEP labelled Gibraltarians 'laughing monkeys' in an explosive Twitter thread, which he swiftly deleted

Breaking misconceptions: Monkeys don’t eat bananas

The sugar in bananas can end up giving monkeys health problems like diabetes.

Bioparc Fuengirola’s thumbless monkeys are kings of the swingers

Unlike other monkeys, the tree-dwelling Colobus have no thumbs

Gibraltar monkeys get their very own swimming pools

The works are intended to discourage monkeys from disturbing urban areas

Monkeys’ bid for the freedom of Gibraltar

Belinda Beckett, Mistress of Sizzle reports on the Rock’s ‘pest problem’

Beware – monkey wardens on patrol in Gibraltar

Feeding the Gibraltar monkeys could land you with a fine

Planet of the Apes

Gibraltar's monkeys facing new cull after learning to get room service

Gibraltar rocks

Forget sunburned ex-pats and cheap booze, Jon Clarke discovers that the Med's little Britain has had a makeover


Juan Carlos I’s home in exile is a luxury villa in Abu Dhabi

HE may be living in exile, but he’s not exactly slumming it. Reporters from the television programme Viva la...