Saturday, February 27, 2021
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FROM SILICON VALLEY TO THE CONVENT: Leading Valencian entrepreneur gives everything up to become a closed order nun

A 36-YEAR-OLD technological entrepreneur from Valencia who launched a hugely successful start-up company in the US’ Silicon Valley has given it all...

Spanish nuns miss Pope’s New Year call

Pope Francis leaves voicemail on Cordoban nuns' telephone

Nuns’ sexy photos cause stir in Spain

Exhibition of 50 provocative images leads to calls for protests 'against blasphemy'

Nuns facing trial over ‘Stolen Babies’ case

Doctors and nurses also to be quizzed over 849 cases


Balearic President voted second worst leader in Spain for management of COVID-19 pandemic

Francina Armengol scored a measly 4.61 in the poll by the Invymark Research and Marketing Institute which pitted the country’s 17 regional leaders against one another