A 36-YEAR-OLD technological entrepreneur from Valencia who launched a hugely successful start-up company in the US’ Silicon Valley has given it all up to become a closed order nun.

Montse Medina relocated to San Francisco 13 years ago to complete a doctorate in aeronautics. She then founded Jetlore, a system that employs artificial intelligence to improve electronic marketing.

Jetlore was eventually bought out by online payment giant Paypal for several million dollars.

Montse then returned to Spain and was snapped up as a partner by Deloitte consultants, founded in London in 1845 and said to be one of the four largest companies in the world providing professional assessment and audits for businesses.

A group of nuns singing carols in Valencia over Christmas
A group of nuns singing carols in Valencia over Christmas

But possibly the most revolutionary development in her life is about to take place now. After an intense – but relatively short – working life, Montse has decided to exit the rat race and enter an Agustinas monastery to devote her life to spiritual contemplation.

“I think God is calling me to leave it all behind and follow his son Jesus,” states Medina in an open letter to her former colleagues in Deloitte and published on her LinkedIn profile.

Now describing herself as a Servant of God, the entrepreneur insists that all her material gains – including academic titles from leading universities, creating a start-up featured on the Fortune 100 list and becoming a partner in Deloitte at the age of 34 – failed to make her happy, instead causing her to feel ‘an ever-growing emptiness inside’.      

The decision was described by her followers on the social media site as ‘controversial’ and ‘brave’.  

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