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New ‘Stonehenge’ type dolmen discovered in Spain’s Malaga

It is believed that this monument would have been part of a sacred space for the Neolithic communities in the area before the Menga Dolmen was built

A gruesome legacy: The history of shooting in Spain

Graphic content warning: Following the shocking massacre of a landowner's dogs by alleged hunters upset over a hunting ban, we trace the Spanish roots of the gruesome sport

Shark spotted on Almeria beach

The 'living fossil' has hardly evolved for more than 150 million years

Sabre-toothed tigers ate horses, discover Spanish scientists

The experts studied fossil sites in Cerro de los Batallones near Madrid

Ancient man ate hippos and rhinos

Archaeologists in Orce have discovered the "richest and the best" finds in Europe

A breath of death air in Spain

Prehistoric caves reopen despite "immeasurable" risks

Dino delight for Costa del Sol

Mijas mayor announces plans for dinosaur theme park