Saturday, February 27, 2021
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POLL: Right-wing government would hold onto Spain’s Andalucia if election held tomorrow following historic 2018 victory

ANDALUCIA would remain in the hands of a right-wing government if an election were held tomorrow, a new poll has suggested.

Spain’s Supreme Court blocks reburial of General Franco just days before body due to be dug up

The arguments of his family against removing him from the Valley of the Fallen rested on the ‘irreparable’ damage it would cause

Fascist vandals paint Nazi swastikas on cultural centre in northern Spain

"We will continue to be profoundly antifascist and committed to the rights and freedoms"

Spanish Civil War colour documentary airs tonight

THE SHOCKING realities of the Spanish Civil War will be laid bare  in a new colour TV documentary. British historian Antony Beever's Divided Spain: The Civil...

Branch of Nazi party Golden Dawn legalised in Spain

Extreme right-wing party Amanecer Dorado has been added to the register of political parties

Podemos threatens Socialist PSOE in Andalucia in latest polls

Most Andalucians would want a coalition of Podemos, IU and Equo

Franco throwback

The alarming attempt to gag journalists who disagree with government policies

PP wins in all provinces in Andalucia

Socialist party suffers a crushing defeat in regional and local elections


Spanish Police charged in Linares beating launch counter case, claim they acted in self defense

THE two Policia Nacional officers charged with the aggravated assault of a man and his daughter in Linares last week have launched...