Friday, November 27, 2020
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OH, SNAP: Mariano Rajoy’s Spain government ‘hanging by a thread’ as allies give election ultimatum

A string of former PP leaders were convicted yesterday for a combined 351 years in prison

Mariano Rajoy to agree to Ciudadanos six demands in Spanish prime minister talks

In return, the minority Ciudadanos will support the acting prime minister’s bid to form a government

Albert Rivera’s Ciudadanos take steps to try to allow Rajoy to form a government

ALBERT RIVERA of the Ciudadanos party (C’s) made an unexpected move to try to unblock Spain since no party won overall control in the...

Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera rejects Mariano Rajoy government

Rivera bemoaned the lost hope for a three-way consensus government

GENERAL ELECTION SPECIAL: Election fever sweeps nation

Spain’s most closely-fought general election since the return to democracy marks a new era of multi-party politics