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Body of a man believed to be from the missing fishing boat recovered in Andalucia

THE body of a man has been recovered from the waters of Tarifa.

17 African migrants killed and 100 rescued in shipwreck off Spain’s Costa del Sol

The total death toll of migrants travelling to Spain now reaches 566, a UN Migration Agency report confirmed today, while the number of arrivals to Spain now stands at 49,013

Body of British diver recovered from Murcia shipwreck

His body was recovered from a 99-year-old shipwreck

Spanish treasure finally revealed after five year legal battle with US firm

Treasure found on the Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes now belongs to Spain

17th century shipwreck in Cadiz to be moved

Excavationises to move wreck to shallower waters in order to carry out more effective studies

Ongoing treasure battle between US and Spain back in court

Treasure hunting company Odyssey refuses to recognize Spain as the owner of a massive treasure bounty recovered from the ‘Black Swan’

Treasure hunt

Spanish navy is searching for shipwrecks in a bid to protect the country’s historical heritage from private salvagers


Weekend COVID-19 totals are under a SIXTH of early February figures in Spain’s Valencian Community

A total of 1,231 new COVID-19 cases were reported since last Friday in the Valencian Community according to regional health ministry figures...