By Eloise Horsfield

DIVERS are preparing to move a 17th century wreck to shallower waters in order to study it more effectively.

Two boats were discovered in Cadiz port in February but just one has been excavated so far because the first ship is in the way of the second.

Now a special 26m metal structure has been built to bring the second wreck from 14m below the surface up to a platform at 5m.

The operation will start at the end of November and since divers are limited to 1.5-hour periods in the water, it could take up to a month.

Archaeologists have already found tableware, ceramics, copper plates, ammunition, kaolin pipes and various sealed jars – some of which, amazingly, still contain olives.

“We have to feel our way along because we can only see 20cm in front of us,” said excavation manager Jose Manuel Higueras.

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