Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Worker at rotten meat company alleges she kept quiet due to ‘fear’

AN employee from a company accused of selling rotten and out-of-date quality meat has said she did not report illegal practices out of ‘fear’. The...

Spain becomes Europe’s largest exporter of seafood

A massive 157,000 tonnes of canned and prepared seafood was shipped out of Spain in 2014

Squid’s in

Giant squid weighing 180kg washed up on Spanish beach

Giant squid found on the beach

30 ft monster has been sent to the museum of Cantabria


COVID-19: Spain’s Andalucia sees almost double the number of recoveries compared to new cases Thursday

ANDALUCIA has detected 1,256 COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours as the third wave continues its marked retreat.