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Know your tomatoes: Spain’s obsession with the red (and green) fruit

The country produces one fifth of all Europe’s tomatoes

Nigerian backlash at Tomatina festival amid tomato crisis

Tomato crops have been reduced by as much as 80% in Nigeria

Google street view car pelted with tomatoes at 70th Tomatina festival

Filming had be stopped in the Valencia city of Bunol after the car’s cameras were knocked off during the attack

Google doodle celebrates La Tomatina’s 70th birthday

Spanish Google has today transformed itself in honour of La Tomatina

Tomatina ready to kick off: Let the chaos begin

Spain's greatest food fight is about to launch

Annual Tomatina festival surrounded by corruption accusations

The famous tomato party has been challenged by the Popular Party

Tomatina festival to restrict numbers of tourists this year

For the first time, the famous food fight will try to cut down its numbers by instituting a new ticketing system

Saucy behaviour

La Tomatina, as usual, went off with a messy bang...