Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Spain’s prime minister Pedro Sanchez promises to exhume the remains of General Franco

The controversial site has faced huge criticism for being the only remaining monument dedicated to a fascist leader in Europe

Spanish parliament votes to exhume Franco’s remains

Opposition parties on the left and centre backed a motion 198 votes to one to remove the fascist dictator out of state-funded mausoleum Valle de los Caidos

Franco’s body set to be removed from Valle de Los Caidos tomb after vote tomorrow

The majority of deputies voting in Spain's Congress tomorow are in favour of the Socialist PSOE motion to exhume the dictator’s body from the controversial site near Madrid

Flight from Franco: A P.O.W recalls his great escape from the Valley of the Fallen

Nicolas Sanchez-Albornoz recalls his escape from a prison camp in 1948