Missing Dutch tourist found alive and well in river

LAST UPDATED: 24 Jul, 2011 @ 09:07
Missing Dutch tourist found alive and well in river

A DUTCH tourist who went missing on holiday in Spain has been found alive and well after 18 days trapped down a ravine in the Chillar River.

Mary-Anne Goossens, 48, is conscious and has been able to communicate in English with the rescue services that are now transferring her to hospital via helicopter.

The mother-of-two – who vanished during a 10-day break to Nerja – was spotted just before 8 am this morning by a group of hikers who were walking along the river bank.

Due to the difficulty of reaching her location Mountain Rescue had to use a helicopter to free the holidaymaker.

Gossens is reported to have become caught in a well after falling while she was trying to go up the river.

She was able to move but has been unable to leave the river, drinking water from a small stream in order to survive.

It comes more than two weeks after her family arrived in Spain to launch a high-profile search.


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