Spanish Prime Minister brings election date forward to November

LAST UPDATED: 29 Jul, 2011 @ 14:19
Spanish Prime Minister brings election date forward to November

SPANISH Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has called an early election for November 20.

The election – originally scheduled for March next year – has been brought forward to bring greater ‘political and economic stability’.

Spain is currently struggling to cope with soaring bond rates and high unemployment.

The election will come six months after Zapatero’s socialist party was comprehensively defeated at regional and municipal elections in May.


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  1. Another view on calling early elections to bring “greater political and economic stability” to Spain – with present employment, debt and confidence in government terrible in Spain, and forecasted to get WORSE if IMF/ECB bailouts seem to fail, Zapatero’s political party stands a better chance of getting re-elected if elections are held ASAP!
    If he didn’t call for early elections before March 2012, with things as bad as they are, he could even face a Vote of No Confidence – a terrible disgrace (but he worked hard for it!). The Regional & Local elections had shown the people had HAD ENOUGH of the PSOE.