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Two bullets mailed to Spain’s ex-Prime Minister Zapatero in latest threat to politicians

FORMER Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has become the latest politician to be sent a threatening letter, accompanied by two bullets. Correos staff at...

Carme Chacon, Spain’s first female defence minister, dies

Carme Chacon, who almost became leader of the PSOE, was found dead in her Madrid home on Sunday aged 46

Spain celebrates a decade of same-sex marriage

Spain was the third country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage

Alvarez refuses to resign from European Investment Bank over ERE slush fund scandal

The ex-socialist minister is currently being investigated for fraud and corruption charges

Ex-PM fights back after criticism of his language skills

Former Spanish PM insists leaders shouldn't be penalised for a lack of English
PP leader javier arenas looks set to win the andalucia regional election on march

A swing to the right in Andalucia?

While most expats are ineligible to vote, Wendy Andersen looks at why tomorrow's regional elections are so important and wonders whether Andalucia is about to vote Conservative for the first time since the Junta was formed 30 years ago

Rubalcaba to lead Spanish Socialists

The Cantabrian replaces Zapatero, who has led the party for 12 years

Review of 2011… from the mountains

Here’s Paul Whitelock’s personal review of the year – of events which have affected Spain in general and the Serranía de Ronda, where he lives, in particular

Spain gets a new government

The conservative PP party has won a record victory in the general election dominated by the country's looming debt crisis

Andalucian airbase angst

Fears over the repercussions of job losses at US military bases near Sevilla and Cadiz revealed by Wikileaks

Spanish Prime Minister brings election date forward to November

Decision aimed at helping to increase stability as Spain battles rising unemployment

German bean sprouts not Spanish cucumbers to blame for deadly E.coli outbreak

Spanish farmers could now see millions in compensation after they were wrongly blamed

PP wins in all provinces in Andalucia

Socialist party suffers a crushing defeat in regional and local elections

Embattled Spanish PM Zapatero to stand down at next election

Economy and rising unemployment given as reasons to hand over to likely successors including either Rubalcaba or Chacon. By Jon Clarke

Spain is lacking in girl power

Number of senior female executives have plummeted despite Zapatero’s aim to promote women

Spain freezes Gaddafi’s assets

And puts a halt to his urban development plans in Benahavis

No bailout for Portugal, says Zapatero

But pressure mounts on Portuguese economy amid new bond issue

New bail out fears

But Zapatero insists Spain is ok

The debt crisis could be over

Prime Minister Zapatero has declared the debt crisis is over in Europe

¡Hola, Obama!

Andalucia is gearing up for its most high-profile visitor in years

Era of austerity hits Andalucia’s town halls

Zapetero’s cuts rebuked by Jaen town hall

Bring an end to Spain’s black economy

It’s no secret that many people are ‘working in the black’ around Andalucia. Now the authorities need to get tough and set an example if the labour market is to be finally regulated, writes Andrew Pearce

Civil servants on strike

Public sector workers in protest against PM Zapatero's austerity measures

Zapatero’s cuts passed in knife-edge vote

Spain's drastic budget cuts get go ahead in the closest of decisions

Zapatero announces deep spending cuts for Spain

Job losses and wage cuts proposed as Spain bids to reduce its debt crisis

We’re happy here in Spain

Despite PM Zapatero's drastic budget cuts a new study has confirmed that nine out of ten expats still prefer it in Spain




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