2 Mar, 2011 @ 14:56
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Spain freezes Gaddafi’s assets

THE Spanish Government has frozen all of Gaddafi’s assets including 6,000 hectares of undeveloped land in Benahavis.

The Libyan leader had planned to build 1,915 houses, a golf course and a conference centre on the land in the La Resinera.

But Josefina Cruz, the Andalucia Minister for Public Works and Housing, has announced the project is “irrelevant” to the whole of Spain as it marks “just one of many projects.”

“The most important thing is the decision to block the assets of such a person in democratic respect for the people of Libya,” Cruz added.

The move comes as Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero is continuing his tour of the Gulf and North African countries.

He made the announcement from Tunisia, that the Government will freeze any bank accounts that the Gaddafi regime holds in the country.

Spain has now joined ranks with Switzerland, Austria and Britain who have also frozen Libyan assets in line with EU regulations.

Wendy Williams

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  1. “The most important thing is the decision to block the assets of such a person in democratic respect for the people of Libya”

    So why did Spain ever accept his investments? Libya has never been a democracy. Same old thing; it takes a civil war and thousands of deaths for countries like Spain and the UK to take note, but are quite happy to deal with people like Gadaffi when there’s no bad press…

  2. The Spanish government may have acted prematurely. America and the CIA perhaps have plugged their disinformation a little too soon also.

    Fascinating situation. not for the poor victims of course, but have there been as many victims as the west wishes to portray.
    Libya has the highest distribution of income per capita in Africa. Education and health care are free for everyone. and 10% of students are sent to foreign universities. Libya has the lowest infant immortality rate in Africa. Libya since the world food prices rose has no tax on food. the people are the richest in Africa and it has the highest GDP A lower percentage of people in Libya live on the poverty line than in Holland.

    So would you want to overthrow such a ruler ? Unlike other arab countries Libya is not a bad place to be at all. Not perfect, but then where is. So Spain joins the rest in following the CIA propaganda. Libya has oil and america wants it.

    stories now abound on both sides. but I do wish the press would get their facts correct, so the people can makeproper judgements about the situation.
    We can all hope ther situation resolves without bloodshed in the fight for oil

    I shall be watching and looking deeper with interest.
    Check out Inormation Clearing house for real news

  3. Yeh Kevin, it’s all the people on Nescafe-spiked cocktails that are causing the problems.

    Libya has an awful human rights record and its people do not have the basic right to change their own government.

    >So would you want to overthrow such a ruler?


  4. Wasn’t Gaddafi behind the old Banco Atlantico much used by the Brits and I think he was also behind a bank in Gibraltar somewhere left off Main Street. It went a bit smartish back in about 1991 when the balloon went up in the Gulf.

  5. Well..Well.. Seems funny to hear a senior Spanish Official barking on about “democracy” when these very concepts are completely lost on the governmnet when it comes to midnight court rulings and 8 day demolition orders on property legally licensed, legally registered, legally built and then somehow magically transormed the next day to “ILLEGAL!”

    Now that’s Spanish democracy for you!

    Way to go Spain!

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