Warning to Costa del Sol speed demons

LAST UPDATED: 2 May, 2012 @ 21:23
Warning to Costa del Sol speed demons

LET this be a warning to all speed demons on the Costa del Sol.

A new speed camera has been installed on the A-7 as you are coming into Marbella

“It is as you are coming into Marbella as you pass Funny Beach (the big Coke Can),” insisted a source.

For official information on the location of speed cameras in the area visit: http://www.dgt.es/portal/es/informacion_carreteras/radares.do?rango=&provincia=29

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  1. These 2 cameras have been here since last summer. I see so many vehicles whizzing past at over 100.
    There used to 2 more in Calahonda pointing towards Marbella but these have been removed recently. I dare say they will be put back later as people become lapse

  2. Are you sure that is a speed camera? Can anyone confirm it is? I thought i knew where they all were,i thought they were all in grey small boxes with 2 lenses,maybe i’m wrong,are you sure its just not a traffic monitoring camera?