King Carlos’ secret trip

LAST UPDATED: 27 Jul, 2012 @ 11:58
King Carlos’ secret trip

THE story  came to light when he was flown home from Africa with a broken hip.

A sheepish King Carlos apologised as he left the hospital: “I am very sorry. I made a mistake. It won’t happen again” he claimed.

Sorry for spending thousands to hunt while the rest of Spain struggles financially, for killing one the worlds most endangered species, or simply for being caught?

A greater question however, should be why people who kill animals for pleasure rather than for food, hold prestigious positions within WWF in the first place.

Spain is not alone… In the UK, the Duke of Edinburgh has been involved in the WWF for over 40 years, he even served as the groups International president for 16 years, yet he has spent a lifetime killing both British and exotic animals in the name of sport.

He should be the next to go.


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