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New plan to grant watering rights to farmers near Spain’s Doñana National Park sparks outrage

A FRESH row has broken out over the future of the Doñana National Park in Andalucia, after the regional parliament approved legislation on Wednesday...
European Commission Threatens Spain Over Water Extraction Plans For Andalucia's Doñana National Park

European Commission threatens Spain over environmentally-damaging water extraction plans for Andalucia’s Doñana National Park

THE European Commission has threatened to penalise Spain if plans go ahead to extract more water from one of Europe's largest wetlands. The warning comes...

Sucked dry: How water theft to irrigate farmland is draining Spain’s precious wetlands and causing irreversible ecological damage

Environmentalists have sounded a harsh warning over illegal water extraction that is threatening to drain Spain’s wetland reserves and cause irreversible ecological damage.

The devastating Sierra Bermeja fire in Spain’s Costa del Sol has already burnt almost 10,000 hectares over 83 kilometres

THE devastating Sierra Bermeja fire continues to devour everything in its path and has already blazed through 9,963 hectares of wildland and forest areas...

Spain among biggest buyers of illegally trafficked animals

The WWF have called on the Spanish government to prioritise the issue and launched the campaign ‘Stop Species Trafficking’

CUTE ALERT: First look at newborn endangered Iberian Lynx cubs in Andalucia

The cute cubs, which are the world’s most endangered feline species, have passed their first health check-up at Jerez Zoo

WWF denounces ‘risky’ Salamanca uranium mine to EU

The mine could kill animals and destroy habitats, the WWF has said

Million British birds at risk due to Doñana National Park environmental failures

The WWF has issued a warning about the large number of birds as Spain fails to protect one of only two Andalucian national parks

Spain given ultimatum by European commission to protect Donana World Heritage site in Sevilla

The European Commission has ordered a halt to the use of the Sevilla park’s underground water supply as it is degrading natural habitats

Green groups call for Spanish sun tax reform

The levy on solar power was introduced by the government in October
Lynx e

Endangered Iberian lynx road deaths at record high in Andalucia

In the past 12 months, 22 of the 28 lynxes to die in Andalucia were killed by cars

Junta rules to protect Donana National Park from gas project

Plans to extract gas from Doñana nature reserve win a provisional stay of execution

Spain goes green for Earth Hour

125 Spanish cities are embracing this year’s Earth Hour

Debate rages over Aznalcollar mine reopening

Should a mine that caused one of Spain’s worst environmental mishaps almost two decades ago reopen for 450 jobs?

Oil protests in Canary Islands

More than 200 protesters create a human S.O.S on Fuerteventura beach

Spain has most endangered species in Europe

The Iberian lynx and Mediterranean monk seal are among the endangered in Spain

Government under pressure to abandon Canary Island oil-drilling

The WWF is campaigning for a whale sanctuary instead

NGOs demand end to Spanish destruction of deep-sea ecosystems

The practice of 'bottom trawling' is causing irreparable damage in the north east Atlantic Ocean

Donana National Park president steps down

Former Spanish PM Felipe Gonzalez has stepped down from his presidency after admitting he does not have enough time to do the job

Al Gore set to lay out ‘green business’ plan in Spain

The Nobel Peace Prize winner will visit Barcelona and Gibraltar

King Carlos’ secret trip

What the King's error means in light of the ongoing economic crisis

King Juan Carlos loses WWF role

Monarch's elephant hunting fiasco a step too far for conservation charity

Decision to be made on King of Spain’s WWF presidency

King Juan Carlos' hunting activities have caused concern among WWF members

Green groups slam ‘dead end’ project to prospect for oil in inland Andalucia

Junta backed project to search for oil and gas deposits in Jaen and Sevilla comes under fire

The Real Royals

Following a massive own goal – being caught hunting elephants on a luxury break in Africa – it has become open season on Spain's once untouchable royals, including claims that Spain's 'real' queen is actually a 46-year-old German. By Wendy Williams




Chief inspector in Spain’s Basque Country offers extra days off for officers who arrest immigrants

A PROBE has been opened in the Basque Country after it emerged that a chief inspector from the National Police offered his officers days...


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