13 Oct, 2012 @ 08:00
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Al Gore set to lay out ‘green business’ plan in Spain

Al Gore will visit Spain

FORMER US vice-president Al Gore will lay out his strategy for green business at a conference in Spain next week.

During his speech ‘Thinking Green: Economic Strategy for the 21st Century’, the green campaigner will describe a new economic model which is adapted to ‘new realities’ – such as Spain’s current crisis.

Speaking at the Future Economy conference in Barcelona on October 19-20, Gore will discuss how small and medium-sized businesses – as well as ordinary people – can play a role in developing sustainability.

“We need a new economic model that is adapted to new realities and challenges, but which can also be the source of economic growth,” said Gore, who won a Nobel Peace Prize for his work helping fight climate change.

“Every recession needs a new surge of innovation to turn things round and get growth going again, and this time it could be the many cost-saving, recycling and technological innovations that the sustainable sector provides.

“In addition to IT-millionaires, there could quite easily be a crop of eco-millionaires,” he suggested.

Other speakers will include representatives from Marbella Town Hall, Greenpeace and the WWF.

Gore will give the same speech at Gibraltar’s Thinking Green Forum on October 21.

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. As a businessman, I’d ask;
    a) is he traveling in by Private jet, tourist class or ship?
    b) is he staying at a “green” low cost hotel or luxury one?
    c) is he living in a “green” residence in GA at what utility cost per month?
    d) is he donating what PERCENT of this speaking fee to green charities?
    e) what is his annual income from such speaking engagements and what percent of that does he donate to “green” charities” at what charitable tax rate?
    f) since he MUST have a Will, what % of his assets does he irrevicarbly bequeath to such “green” charities?
    g) what scientific FACTS will be presented to PROVE scare of “Global Warming”, “Glacial Decrease” & “Catastrophic Ocean Level Rises/Flooding”
    I wonder does his speaking acts seek to contribute $$ to “green efforts” or to somethings else?

  2. J. Molitor.
    Spoken in true denial. What color is your underwear. Do you use sugar in your tea? What is your favorite color?
    Spoken like a true business man, if you are, not one question about global warming, just the usual, blah blah blah. So typical.
    Sea level is rising, Glaciers are disappearing, The ice packs are diminishing at both poles, in the mountains. And all people like you can say is non sense about how he travels and what kind of room he stays in?. Business as usual. Don’t worry or be concerned. People like you are the lemmings leading the entire world forward to the cliff of weather annihilation.
    Why don’t you know what the facts are? Why? Maybe because you don’t care to know and only wish to vent your ignorant, uninformed opinion? With character assassinations. I don’t care how he got to spain and it has nothing to do with anything, but you already know that….

  3. oh for heaven’s sake, the barcelona conference has been cancelled on a slim pretext but really because they haven’t sold enough tickets, and both events are attempts by the discredited pancho campo (robert parker/jay miller/campogate scandal) to make a few quick bucks. no-one gives a brass farthing about the environment: they are all in it for the $.

  4. Comments above. It is true that there needs to be more proof. The earth has not been warming the past 16 years (Met Office Report)The magnetic north has been wondering toward Siberia which is influencing sea ice melt in the north. Antartica is in fact building ice, whilst some glaciers in Europe are on retreat others in central Asia are in fact growing. Global warming alarmists and carbon taxes should be better monitored. Going green is something I agree we should strive for, but at waht cost. The governments and power hungry corporates don’t want to pay so we are made to take the burden through scaremongering. Yet again the top 10 % do what they want. Spain should focus on a huge build in Solar energy and sell to the north of Europe, a big industry yet untapped and also focus on solar storage for individuals in a country that can offer alot to help it’s own people.

  5. The MET has issued criticism of how their reporting was misused.



  6. Dear Steve – I respect your comments but they are NOT accurate
    You spout off the same “environmental hot air” voiced by many with good intentions but not much scientific facts. I’m a BS & MS Chem Engineer and retired Dir of Eng’g for $2 Billion chem firm. You WANT to know the scientific FACTS? – read final pages of Michael Chrichton’s “State of Fear” if you dare.
    His Summary covering your rant & the scientific refs are there

  7. ps to Steve: Denial? – hardly. My questions about how Al Gore lives, finances and does his business are based on sound principles – “Is this a “Leader” one who just talks or one who walks the walk”?! Al TALKS very profitably… nothing else.

  8. @ Steve – no more rants from you or scientific FACTS to disprove those FACTS I’ve referred to you about NON existing “Global Warming” ?!! A shame but like most of your group of POLITICAL followers. GORE – PAY WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR!
    Barcelona Conference w/GORE – cancelled -lack of ticket sales!

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