17 Dec, 2016 @ 17:00
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Million British birds at risk due to Doñana National Park environmental failures

donana fraud enquiry launched
Birds at Donana national park
Birds at Donana national park
Birds at Donana National Park

A MILLION British migratory birds are at risk because of the environmental failings at Doñana National Park.

The WWF has issued a warning about the large number of birds as Spain fails to protect one of only two Andalucian national parks.

Dredging, pollution and illegal water extraction are putting pressures on the resting grounds for water water.

In fact, the situation is so dire that UNESCO are considering placing Doñana on its list of World Heritage Sites in danger.

Chris Gee, WWF-UK senior campaigns manager: “It is worrying that almost a million UK birds could suffer because of Spain’s failure to permanently cancel all plans for dredging.

Greater flamingos, Coto Doñana National Park, Spain
Flamingos at Donana National Park

“People and wildlife rely on Doñana being properly managed and protected.”

Chloe Glover (Reporter)

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  1. As I already wrote ina previous post, British friends of British birds may decide to refrain from buying strawberries during the first 5 months of 2017 from the Huelva-Palos region which are one of the key drivers for drying out La Doñana.
    Only moving those birds from one corner of a UNESCO list into another corner will not save any byrd-lifes

  2. it would be great if mr. Gee could do something to solve the several problems the UK has regarding pollution, instead of talking about Spain.

    “REVEALED: England, New York and China – the MOST polluted places on Earth

    Much of England, northern Europe, New York and China have been named and shamed as being the worst polluted places on Earth.”

    “Toxic smog hits UK: Will your area be affected by the extreme air pollution?
    Health experts are warning the deadly smog could put thousands of ill and vulnerable Brits’ health at risk”

    • Pablo. Your ludicrous obsession of drawing negative comparisons between the Uk and other places, invariably “proving” that the UK is far inferior in every way, would be laughable, were it not so silly.
      What on earth is your problem? Or do you just like to stir up controversy in order to gain attention?
      To stay on topic, this is about La Donana and the stupidity of choosing strawberries over a beautiful, wild area. Also, by extension, the greed that is shared world-wide by mankind and the helter-skelter ride into oblivion that we face, if the WHOLE of humanity does not pull together in recognition of the looming disasters.
      Your childish, playground finger-pointing does nothing to address any of that.

  3. get a life Pablo………..nothing in Spain is right….corruption, lies, corrupt police force and and incorrect information of which you spout off about……..get your facts right before you shoot from the hip……Spain can never likened to the UK….the UK is far cleaner and the people are far superior….END OF AND NOT OPEN FOR DEBATE…!!!!

      • Then why does your leader, Mr Rajoy, agree with Prime Minister May that he wants to keep things as they are in relation to the UK and Spain? I think you’ll find that the vast majority of Britons in Spain pay all of their taxes and do not have the unfortunate traits of so many Spaniards, who play the system that was conceived by corrupt officials.

  4. The pressures on the Coto Doñana have never stopped. And will continue. Eternal vigilance is the answer. Meanwhile, can The Olive Press please stop referring to the wildlife as “British birds”? Birds do not carry passports and are not the property of one nation. Meanwhile, we have to put up with ludicrous comments like that of Jack Daww.

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