A TOWN councillor who resigned over a raunchy sex tape has changed her mind after receiving a barrage of support from colleagues.

The video of Olvido Hormigos Carpio, PSOE councillor at Los Yebenes Town Hall in Toledo, featured graphic footage of the mother-of-two naked and masturbating on a bed.

The home-made clip went viral on social networking sites, having allegedly been leaked by a 27-year-old footballer.

Carpio promptly filed a complaint with the Guardia Civil and resigned ‘out of respect for her family and to the PSOE’.

But PSOE’s vice-secretary general, Elena Valenciano urged Carpio to rethink her resignation via Twitter: “Don’t resign over this Olvido. Don’t even think about it,” she said.

Even rival party PP has shown support, with Madrid president Esperanza Aguirre stating Carpio deserves a right to privacy.

Carpio, who has now decided not to resign, has since accused the PP-ruled town hall of spreading the video, saying she saw it forwarded from an email account in the mayor’s office.