Expat in Spain unable to sue over rat infestation

LAST UPDATED: 31 Dec, 2012 @ 07:33
Expat in Spain unable to sue over rat infestation

EXCLUSIVE by James Bryce

AN expat attempting to sue her residents’ association over an infestation of rats in her home claims she is unable to do so because of a loophole in the law.

Eve Field, from Torremolinos, has suffered for two years with the issue which she says is caused by overgrown land at the foot of her garden, as reported in the Olive Press last year.

But despite paying a monthly fee for the maintenance of the land where the rats live, the residents association has failed to clear the vegetation.

“I have had to spend two sweltering summers with the windows shut because the rats are everywhere,” Field told the Olive Press.

“I have asked the association to act time and time again but they have ignored my requests.

“My lawyer has advised me that if I want to take action against them it will need to be through the civil courts

“But I am unable to do so until the complaint has been officially registered by the association, which is obviously against their best interests.”

Rat poison was put down last year after Field found evidence of a nest being built in her house but it failed to stop the problem and no further help has been offered.

The sports promoter, who has lived in the property for 26 years, added: “It is utterly ridiculous, the law is failing to protect homeowners.”


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