La Linea fairground suicide

LAST UPDATED: 27 Jul, 2013 @ 21:26
La Linea fairground suicide

A FAIRGROUND has been criticised when a ride was opened only TWO hours after a worker was found hanging from it.

The man, a Romanian, had apparently committed suicide on the Viking Boat ride at 7.45pm on Sunday during La Linea’s annual fair.

The emergency services were called to the ride and attempted to resuscitate the man for over an hour and a half, but with no success.

Paramedics then transported the body for autopsy.

A few minutes after the body was removed at 10.05pm, the owners of the Viking Boat opened the ride. “We were shocked. It was as if nothing had happened” said one local Spaniard.

Since 2000, 16 people have been killed at funfairs in Spain.

These included three Romanians killed on a ride at a feria near Toledo in 2011.

Some 35 people were injured when a tornado ripped through a funfair near Murcia in 2011, knocking down a Ferris Wheel.

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  1. If, as you say, he committed suicide, why should not the lives of the rest of the world carry on as normal. People die all the time. The rest of us carry on as normal – because death is actually fairly normal !

  2. To commit suicide in such a public way in front of hundreds if not thousands of innocent children and adults is shocking. Why should they respect anyone who would do such a thing by closing for longer. They have livings to make to feed their own families.