Marbella and Benidorm top Twitter trends

LAST UPDATED: 19 Aug, 2013 @ 22:23
Marbella and Benidorm top Twitter trends

MARBELLA and Benidorm are two of the three most ´tweeted about´ Spanish beach destinations this summer, according to a Boom Business survey.

The group searched tweets mentioning more than 50 different Spanish beach resorts, and found the two resorts were the second and third most mentioned of all destinations.

They accounted for a combined 18.7% of tweets checked, while Ibiza took the top spot with mentions in 17.7%.

The study looked at all tweets naming one of the Spanish resorts and the word “holiday” in a 12 hour period over a number of days. Others beaches in the top 10 included Asturias and Gandia and Conil.

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  1. Artistic license, Greg! Perhaps I should have included the implied “among”…headlines are not my strong point! #mybad Claire