Spain – a bird watching paradise

LAST UPDATED: 12 Jan, 2015 @ 06:55
Spain – a bird watching paradise

ACCORDING to Birdlife, Spain is the must visit place for bird enthusiasts.

The country attracts the largest variety of avian species, many of which are rare.

Birds are tempted by the nature reserves and national park land – which make up 30% of Spain.

The Strait of Gibraltar and the wetlands throughout the east and south of Spain are also directly in the way of migratory routes for birds heading south in winter, and frequently serve as pit-stops for them as a source of food – mainly small fish and insects – and shelter.

Birdlife has created a ‘mini-guidebook’ that covers 100 of the most intriguing and rare, as well as the most prolific and well-known species of birds in Spain, divided up into which types of terrain to find them, maps of different colours and characteristics of the creatures listed.

“Spain is not just about sun, sea and sand,” the charity stresses. “It has a massive variety of landscapes, wildlife, habitats and cultural, natural and historical heritage.”


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  1. Of all the countries I visited and lived in, I’d say that Spain has the most beautiful “birds” than any other. On average, they are the most physically beautiful, have the best dressed “plumage”, move most gracefully, “communicate” most elegantly… etc.
    Many even love to FLY… to Paris, Monte Carlo, New York,..