What you’re chatting about… (2-8 November 2013)

LAST UPDATED: 10 Nov, 2013 @ 10:12
What you’re chatting about… (2-8 November 2013)

1. Maurice Boland gets his gong!

Colourful iTalk boss Maurice Boland was honoured by the Red Cross Malaga with the Bronze Medal for his continued support of the charity.

2. E-cigs “no safer than the real thing”

Spanish medics are warning electronic cigarettes could be just as dangerous as the real thing, despite being marketed as a healthier alternative.

3. Nuclear submarine moored up in Gibraltar

A nuclear submarine which ran into difficulties has been moored in Gibraltar for over a week.

4. Gibraltar’s future in EU questioned by proposed referendum

Gibraltar could be forced to leave the EU against its citizens’ wishes if UK prime minister David Cameron pushes ahead with a referendum on Britain’s membership.

5. Bullfighting afforded protection by state

The Spanish senate has voted in favour of legislation that will see bullfighting promoted and protected by the state.


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