Game of Thrones to film series five scenes in Andalucia

LAST UPDATED: 22 May, 2014 @ 11:07
Game of Thrones to film series five scenes in Andalucia

TV smash hit Game of Thrones is to film parts of season five in Spain, with producers currently scouring Andalucia for the perfect location.

The US fantasy series, which has its main production base in Northern Ireland, is also in talks with a local film commission.

Spain will be the seventh country – equivalent to the seventh kingdom – used on the show. It is widely believed the beautiful Andalucian landscape will be home to the Kingdom of Dorne.

Production on the fifth series is due to begin this summer, with another sixth series also planned.

The capital city of the fictional world of Westeros, King’s Landing, is located in Dubrovnik, in South Croatia, while the wintery scenes north of ‘the wall’ are filmed in Iceland.

Both Morocco and Malta have also been used in the show, largely for the slaver’s bay cities of Essos, and the USA features as well.

Game of Thrones is based on George R.R. Martin’s novels, and reached a season-high total of 8.5 million viewers on the night of its most recent episode.

The character from the kingdom of Dorne, Prince Oberyn, is played by Chilean actor Pedro Pascal.


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