Marbella businesses can now open on Sundays and holidays  

LAST UPDATED: 5 Jul, 2014 @ 10:28
Marbella businesses can now open on Sundays and holidays   

THE Spanish government just added Marbella to its list of cities allowed to have open businesses during Sundays and holidays.

A law currently in place restricts shops around the country from selling merchandise during these national days of rest.

However, some cities have delineated zones where businesses are allowed to have more extended schedules in order to cater to demand from tourists.

The new law will see 10 more cities added to the list – which already included Sevilla and Malaga City among its 24 others – where these zones are legal.


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  1. I don’t personally, and I only shop locally, but many people seem to want the option of shopping on a Sunday. Malaga was packed with shoppers last Sunday and I’m sure the shopkeepers were pleased, so what you want Derek, and what people at large want, are clearly different.

    Btw, keeping on telling people to go back to the UK when you don’t agree with something they say is very childish, but then again that’s you in a nutshell Derek. Spain won’t “live long” if its economy nosedives, will it? Opening shops on Sunday is the least of Spain’s problems.

  2. this is fantastic news. always struck me as strange that of the two days the few people in spain with jobs have to shop they were closed. i just thought it was lazy shopkeepers and staff. didnt know it was law. progress at last