Spain’s political parties sink deep in debt

LAST UPDATED: 23 Aug, 2014 @ 20:32
Spain’s political parties sink deep in debt

DESPITE millions of euros in public funding, nine of Spain’s political organisations have gone bankrupt.

The spent-up groups with more than €1 million in debt include: the United Left, which has a €13.1 million debt; the Democratic Union of Catalunya, with a €12.4 million debt; Catalan group Convergence and Union, €9.2 million; the Galician Nationalist Bloc, €3.7 million and the Initiative for Catalunya Greens who owe €3.1 million.

PSOE and PP – although still afloat – have both faced criticism for irresponsible spending, after blowing more than the public funds they receive.

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  1. Of course they are. With no building permit and other “licence fees” to steal and all the EU funds going East these political parasites might actually have to get real jobs. Then avoid paying any taxes.