BREAKING: Mayoress of Manilva resigns from office

LAST UPDATED: 17 Oct, 2014 @ 14:51
BREAKING: Mayoress of Manilva resigns from office

THE Mayoress of Manilva, Antonia Munoz Vazquez, has resigned from her post following numerous scandals involving her administration. 

The surprise resignation comes after Munoz was denounced in court for numerous cases of alleged nepotism by hiring relatives, friends and IU candidates.

At a press conference today she said that ‘she is pleased with what she has accomplished during her time in office’.

She added: “It is the time to pass on the responsibility to someone else and dedicate more time to my family.”

Munoz made no comment about the ongoing charges.


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  1. Who is not corrupted when in position of power? They are all the same no matter what political party or what bank etc.To have a free press is important.People need to realise that they are voting for crooks.Is it worth voting?