SPAIN won a seat on the United Nations Security Council and beat Turkey to become one of ten non-permanent members for the 2015-2016 period.

Spain came out victorious in the third round of voting and will be joined during its term by Angola, Malaysia, New Zealand and Venezuela.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was delighted by the ‘excellent news’ while Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo declared: “Spain is back!”

The Security Council has five permanent members with veto powers: Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States of America.

It holds regular elections to fill its rotating seats by the 193 countries that make up the UN’s General Assembly.

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  1. @Ciudadanos, I did so laugh at your reply, thanks for making my morning.

    “family values”

    What, those families who Spain has evicted onto the streets in record numbers? Those ones?

    “declining moral … values”

    Corruption and fraud at every level, from the local mayor, to Rajoy, to Royalty, to the head of the IMF. Where are the morals increasing there exactly? Nepotism, misogyny, denial – those are the things on the increase in Spain.

  2. Talk about random moaning. Like the uk’s not got problems.

    Why does Fred constantly single out Spain for any general problem, and never say positive things about the country, while actually LIVING here?! (but not during the summer fiesta partying months apparently.. er..)

    Long Live England! no, that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it

  3. Do you live in the uk in Winter, Spring and Autumn too Fred?

    When in Spain I imagine you’ve actually got a cartoon black cloud hanging over your head walking around, avoiding locals, looking for a wifi connection to say something negative about the country on this English website.

    Must be a really uplifting day out.

  4. @Derek, why didn’t you highlight the ‘random moaning’ of Cuidadanos and his bizarre off-topic Jimmy Saville post.

    Personal vendettas are such very unhealthy things to have. Is that all you do all day, party? Getting a job and moving out of our parents house would be a good start lol.

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