Fake picture of ‘dead’ Spanish PM Rajoy causes outrage

LAST UPDATED: 11 Jan, 2015 @ 06:57
Fake picture of ‘dead’ Spanish PM Rajoy causes outrage

A FAKED picture of prime minister Mariano Rajoy in a coffin has caused outrage after a PSOE member posted it to Facebook.

The controversial image was posted by PSOE spokesperson Victor Ruiz on January 5 as an early ‘Three Kings present’.

It showed Rajoy in a coffin with his eyes closed and his tongue hanging out as if he was dead.

The message accompanying the image read: “Lets hope we wake up tomorrow and receive this great present for Reyes (Three Kings)?”

After coming under criticism Ruiz withdrew the post saying that it had been in ‘poor taste’.

“It wasn’t my intention to offend anyone, but I understand it might have been in bad taste, and once I realized this I removed the image after a few minutes,” he added in a separate post.



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