A NEW Year’s Eve illegal rave near Valencia attended by over 3,000 people lasted five days before finally being shutdown following repeated police complaints.

The organizer, believed to be Italian, faces a fine between €30,000 and €90,000 as the rave lacked permission or a licence, with no safety or security measures having been set up.

Disobedience charges may also come into play after the party held at the Benageber aerodrome failed to be dismantled when requests were first made on Friday.

Those responsible shut down the rave at midday on Monday ‘after being contacted for the umpteenth time’ although two checkpoints and 64 officers were active until then.

Police identified 1,341 ravers, inspected 405 vehicles and opened 42 infraction cases including 18 for drug possession and six for firearm possession.

A majority of attendees were foreigners but following media coverage of ongoing revelries, more Spaniards joined the party after parking some way off and walking to avoid police checks.

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