Court documents ruined as sewage floods Torrox courthouse

The flood has raised 'serious questions' about the structural soundness of the building built in 1863

LAST UPDATED: 27 Feb, 2015 @ 18:01

SOILED: Court documents
SOILED: Court documents

DOZENS of judicial files and official computers have been damaged after leaking sewage caused the roof to collapse at the courthouse in Torrox.

The flood has raised ‘serious questions’ about the structural soundness of the building built in 1863.

A spokesman for the Union of Workers of the Administration of Justice said the collapse was ‘unfortunate’ but said workers were ‘not in constant danger’ from the building.

“It seems that the roof caved in because of a run-off from the sewage from an adjacent room,” he said.

“Unfortunately the waste fell on records and a computer server.

“Luckily it did not happen during working hours, but that is not to say that workers are in constant danger.”

The damage to the roof is said to be two metres long, while the spokesman confirmed that officials are attempting to retrieved paper documents soiled by the wreckage.


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